Vote on the Vector + Rocket Lab Merger

Vector Acquisition Corporation’s (“Vector”) merger with Rocket Lab USA, Inc. (“Rocket Lab”) is contingent on the approval of Vector’s shareholders. To continue to participate in the potential value creation opportunity offered by a merger between Vector and Rocket Lab, a majority of shareholders must vote to approve the merger.

Your vote matters no matter how many or how few shares you own!

Please cast your vote as soon as you receive the proxy material from your broker, bank, or nominee and before 11:59 p.m. ET on August 19, 2021.

Background of the Merger

On March 1, 2021, Vector and Rocket Lab entered into a definitive merger agreement that will result in Rocket Lab becoming a publicly traded company.  Rocket Lab is a world-leading space company that is transforming the way we use and access space by delivering end-to-end solutions across the launch and space systems markets. The company develops satellite and spacecraft solutions for a range of commercial and government missions, from low-Earth orbit constellations to high-complexity deep space and interplanetary missions. 

Once the merger is complete, Vector will change its name to Rocket Lab USA, Inc. and the combined company will trade under the Nasdaq ticker symbol RKLB and RKLBW.  Proceeds from the transaction will be used to fund development of the reusable Neutron launch vehicle, a launch vehicle with an 8-ton payload lift capacity tailored for mega constellations, deep space missions, and human spaceflight. The proceeds will also be used for organic and inorganic growth in the space systems market and will support expansion into space applications, enabling Rocket Lab to deliver data and services from space.

Vector’s Board of Directors has unanimously recommended that its shareholders approve the transaction. If you were a shareholder as of the close of business on June 30, 2021, you are eligible to vote and will receive a proxy card with voting instructions.

Vector’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders (“Annual Meeting”) will be held on August 20, 2021 to approve the transaction.

How to Vote

As a shareholder, what materials will I receive?

Proxy materials in association with the upcoming Annual Meeting of Shareholders are being distributed beginning on July 21, 2021. The way shareholders receive voting materials (electronic or hardcopy) depends on each shareholder’s pre-determined selection with their bank or broker. Shareholders should monitor their inboxes and mailboxes for the proxy statement and voting instruction form. You may receive multiple communications from Vector if you own shares in different accounts, and it is important to cast a vote for each voting form received.

How do I vote?

Shareholders will be able to vote online, by phone, or by mail. Instructions on how to vote via each method will be included in your voting materials (see above).

Is your control number 16 digits?

Is your control number 12 digits?

What if I misplace or do not receive voting materials?

Shareholders that do not have their voting materials must contact their bank, broker, or nominee and request their control number in connection with the upcoming Vector meeting. Your bank, broker, or nominee will provide the control number and appropriate website for voting. Control numbers are unique to each individual account and only your bank, broker, or nominee has access to this information.

Can I vote if I no longer own my shares?

Yes, if you owned shares as of the close of business on June 30, 2021, the record date for the Special Meeting, you can still vote your shares even if you no longer own them.

Your Vote Matters

If you have any questions or need assistance voting, please contact Morrow Sodali by calling (800) 662-5200, or banks and brokers can call collect at (203) 658-9400, or by emailing

Additional Detail

About Rocket Lab

As a global leader in launch and space systems, Rocket Lab is transforming space access. Founded in 2006, Rocket Lab provides end-to-end mission services that provide frequent and reliable access to space for civil, defense, and commercial markets. Headquartered in Long Beach, California, Rocket Lab designs and manufactures the Electron and Neutron launch vehicles and Photon satellite platform. Since its first orbital launch in January 2018, Rocket Lab’s Electron launch vehicle has become the second most frequently launched U.S. rocket annually and has delivered 104 satellites to orbit for private and public sector organizations, enabling operations in national security, scientific research, space debris mitigation, Earth observation, climate monitoring, and communications. Rocket Lab operates two launch sites, including the world’s only private orbital launch site located in New Zealand, and a second launch site in Virginia, USA. To learn more, visit

About Vector Acquisition Corporation

Vector Acquisition Corporation (Nasdaq: VACQ) is a blank check company led by veteran technology investor Alex Slusky. In addition to serving as CEO of Vector Acquisition Corp., Mr. Slusky is Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Vector Capital, a private investment firm focused on the technology sector. He has more than 25 years of experience investing in and operating private and public technology companies as well a deep understanding of trends, market cycles, vertical expertise, and the proven ability to identify, diligence, structure, and transform technology businesses. The company leverages the full resources of Vector Capital to transform operations and accelerate growth of its target investments. For additional information, visit

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